Our Sedona AZ Visit, June 2001

Rafting down the Colorado -- Smooth Sailing.
Gorgeous scenery, but hot in the basin.
We had come from Sedona which was at 4500 feet.

Overlooking Sedona from the Airport Mesa

 My two BIG boys

Grand Canyon, South Rim

CoffeePot Rock, Sedona

Home Sweet Home for our stay. Sedona Pines Resort.
The boys bedroom, sitting area and bath was on the left, and our
living room, kitchen, master bath and bedroom were on the right,
attached by a wooden deck with table and chairs. Our rented Rodeo
is also present -- nice car for mountainous roads!

Every where you look you are surrounded by Red Rocks.
It is the most wonderful feeling! So much geological history here.

Randy standing in front of our balloon, -- at 4:30 AM --
we got up at 3:45 but it was well worth the pain. Got to see wild
deer running below, and a view of sunrise that most never see.

Proud graduates from the Institute of "Hot Air" ;-)

All in all, a wonderful stay. Still too much we didn't get to visit -
we'll be back. Scenic train rides, Hopi visits and Vortex experiences await!
If you ever go -- DO the hot air balloon ride over Sedona! Great fun!

Pam -- June, 2001