Spinning Yarnes

There are several of us researching the YARNES family, and have yet to be able to connect the many lines that seem to emerge in the 1760's and 70's. Most seem to have originally been in Dutchess County, NY. We will try to present these lines, with the hope the there are other YARNES researchers out with the connecting pieces to the puzzles. In the meantime, we'll be spinning YARNES, hoping the threads come together nicely....


Thomas YARNES b. c1742
(m. Deborah ? )
NY -- > Fredericksburgh, Lenox Co, ONT
Nathan YARNES b. c1764 
NY -- > Greenfield, Luzerne Co, PA
 Eunice YARNES b. 1764
(m. Hope COVEY)
-- > Broome Co, NY 
Consider YARNES b. 1772/3
(m. Susannah ? )
-- > Broome Co, NY
Esther YARNES b. 1767
(m. William COVEY)
-- > Otsego Co, NY
? YARNES b. c1756
(m. Samuel COVEY)
NY -- > Noyan, QUE

Other researchers: ---- PLEASE send in your YARNES info!



Researchers Working On

 Thomas YARNES:
Michael Duffy
Pam Wood Waugh
Laurie Lovelace
Nathan YARNES 
Pam Wood Waugh
Fred Sherwood
Christine Yarns
Eunice YARNES & Hope COVEY
Barbara Beede
Joseph Covey
Doris White
Steve Riddle
Pam Wood Waugh
 Consider YARNES:
Jan Gardiner
Nancy Yarnes
Joyce Henderson
George Yarnes
Pam Wood Waugh
 Esther YARNES & William COVEY
Kathryn Bassett
Pam Wood Waugh
  ? YARNES & Samuel COVEY
Pam Wood Waugh

 Please contact any of these researchers for further information on their lines!!

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In the future, I hope to add files comparing different YARNES records, naming similarities, and possible connection theories. If you have "odds and ends" that could provide clues on "Piecin' it Together", please let me know.- Pam

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