A Visit to Scotland, July 2000

Our visit to Scotland was, by far, one of the greatest things we have done together.
While Randy and I both knew we loved Scotland, we were surprised at how the boys
joined us in this feeling. We must go back!

A cemetery in Ecclefechan, Dumfrieshire - home of my Kerr family. I didn't find the stones I was
looking for, but it was such a feeling walking the streets of tiny Ecclefechan, knowing that my
James Kerr was born there in 1754, and had returned there for the births
of his first children before going back to Nova Scotia.

Glenfinnan - another place you can stand in awe of magnificent beauty and history itself.

Next to the Cruachan Hotel, where we stayed in Port William. No matter
where you are in Scotland, you are surrounded by flowers. You just
can't get enough, either.

Jess and Chris, north of Port William - just had to get a photo of them in front of all the
heather. You drive for miles and see this glorious color along side.

Looking out from Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye. Another overcast and somewhat
rainy day, but the castle was great, the gardens extensive, and the village friendly.
Must stop by the hotel in the center and have a beer or two!

Dornie Village, back on the mainland from Skye, right across
from Eilean Donan. The 360 degree view from the bridge
I'm on is wonderful. The village to one side, the castle to the other.

Eilean Donan -- gorgeous. One of the most photographed castles in Scotland.
There are so many angles from which to capture, and each one is wonderful.

Wallace Monument in Sterling -- upon arrival in Sterling the sun happened to be out.
The next day, when we went to tour the castle and grounds, it was pouring.

Back in Edinburgh on Rose Street - You have to spend time visiting pubs and
restaurants up and down the street. Many people but a great time.

The Bad Ass -- Good food, and pretty interior.

You can't do justice with a few of the photos and a bad scanner.

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