Visiting Edam, Netherlands
July, 2001

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Now, let's take a walk through Edam itself.

The Kwakel Bridge, looking toward the Carillon
 The Kwakel Bridge, coming back.

A lovely canal right next to the Cheese market

Several streets away, Edam's own windmill. Bad day for a photo, but had to get it.
The Carillon - tower dating to the 15th and 16th centuries. The beautiful bells were made in 1566, playing a short melody every 15 minutes. Saturday morning they are played manually by a organist for an hour.

The Town Hall was built in 1737 in the Louis XIV style. The left foreground shows
part of the dam, and the right-hand side you can see people sitting out at the Dam Hotel's
open cafe. A pleasant way to pass a sunny afternoon.

Canals are here,

there, and...


There is much I have not mentioned here -- the Great Church, the oldest wooden house built about 1530,
the museum, as well as the houses themselves: testament to the prosperity found in the Edam of the 16th
and 17th centuries. A walk through time, and one of the prettiest places in Noord Holland.

 July 2001

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