Descendants of Samuel Covey, Loyalist

Samuel Covey, ancestor to many, many Covey descendants in Quebec, Ontario, Massachusetts, New York and elsewhere has long been a thorn in my side, but one that I can never seem to ignore. His early history eludes us, bringing more intrigue and dedication to "seeking him out". Much of the mystery lies in trying to positively identify his wife, presumably his first, who must have been a Yearns/Yarns. And, of course, we want to find his parents, linking us back to the Covey family in RI. We know the connection is there -- but we can not prove it.

Samuel was likely born about 1752 in CT. He had to have married twice. I presume his first wife to be a Yearns/Yarnes, and this name was woven into the family throughout the years. There were many other early COVEY-YEARNS/YARNS connections, and no one can seem to connect any of them to parents. They were likely all related. At some point it is likely he lived in Dutchess Co, NY, and by the mid-1770's was living at Fort Ann, now Washington County, NY. This was his residence when he followed Burgoyne's troops in 1777 to Quebec after the British troops arrived in the area.

This is a but a glimpse into his family. Anyone having early information on him and the first one or two generations, please contact me. I would love to firm up dates, correct any errors in my database. I hope to soon add many of my scanned documents to this file. I would rather other researchers come together to seek out new information on ol' Samuel than to be wasting time chasing information that is already available.

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