This ongoing project covers PROTESTANT church registers of Quebec towns along the Vermont border taken from the microfilmed collection at the National Archives of Quebec. Each publication has an index which includes all surnames found within the text.

Reviews can be found in Everton's "Genealogical Helper" and the Gen. Society of VT's (GSV) "Branches & Twigs". Vermont researchers will find these valuable as many records reference residents there as well as Quebec.

St Armand Methodist 1831-1836...............................................................................................................
References to St Armand, Noyan, Dunham, Stanbridge and others. 

Caldwell's Manor & Christie's Manor Anglican 1815-1825
Baptisms include children of the first settlers born in the 1780's and 1790's. Many names found there eventually moved on to settle towns to the east and west of the Richelieu. 

Potton Methodist 1837-45, 1852/3
Residents mainly of Potton, Bolton and Sutton. 

Dunham Methodist 1820, 1839-1842
Primarily residents of Dunham, Sutton and Farnham

Caldwell's Manor & Christie's Manor Anglican 1826-1831
Most were of the Noyan area, but many were of St Johns, Lacolle, Sabrevois, Hinchenbrooke, Isle aux Noix, Sherrington,Godmanchester, Ormstown and Hemmingford, Quebec and St Albans and Alburgh, Vermont.

St Armand East (Frelighsburg) Anglican 1808-1817
Records involve many of the area's Loyalists. Adult baptisms given for some born as early as 1779. This volume is extremely valuable to researchers since the maiden name of the mother is given at baptisms, and witness relationships are often given.

Stanbridge Baptist 1842-1853
Most residences listed as Stanbridge, Farnham and St Armand. Burials as valuable as they list the children 
of the deceased's marriage.

Dunham Anglican 1808-1817
Among the area's earliest records. Residences include Dunham, Shefford, Stukely, Farnham, Stanbridge. Mother's maidenname given at children's baptisms. 

Clarenceville Methodist 1845-1853
Primarily residents of Clarenceville and Noyan, but researchers will benefit from maiden names given at baptisms.

St Armand West (Phillipsburg) Anglican 1809-1820
Records involve residents of Highgate, Vermont and Stanbridge and Dunham, Quebec as well as a few even 
in New Hampshire. Mother's maiden name is given at children's baptisms.

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